• Brenda Young

    Senior Pastor

    Brenda has been casting and leading the vision for Cornerstone Church since 1996. She is also the director of Clear Blue Global Water Project. A graduate of Ohio Christian University and Asbury Theological Seminary, and an elder in the Free Methodist Church, Brenda was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the Center for Contemporary Christianity in Bangalore, India. She is a frequent speaker at both national and international conferences and seminars. She is also an author, with two books currently selling: Only God (co-authored with Dwight Mason) and Grace and Truth: Finding Balance in the Christian Life. Brenda and her husband, Charlie, have three adult children.  To contact Brenda please email her assistant at ctatman@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Gordon Hayberg

    Mogadore Campus Lead Pastor

    Gordon is a graduate of Kent State University, Ohio Christian University, and is a deacon in the Free Methodist Church. His responsibilities include senior leadership and primary teaching pastor at our Mogadore Campus. He also oversees The Quarry Stone Internship Program and contributes to various elements of graphic design and website publications. Gordon and his wife, Shelly, have three children. Contact Gordon at ghayberg@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Charlie Young

    Associate Pastor

    Charlie is a graduate of Ohio Christian University and Asbury Theological Seminary, an elder in the Free Methodist Church, and former Superintendent of the Ohio Conference of FM churches. He also previously served as the Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church (1978-1996), leading the building campaign and construction of the Portage Lakes Campus in 1985. In his current role at Cornerstone, he oversees multi-site strategies, family ministries, and various other groups and departments. Charlie and his wife, Brenda, have three adult children. Contact Charlie at cyoung@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • John Alchier

    Business Administrator & IT Manager

    John is a graduate of the University of Akron. His position oversees several administrative areas, with an emphasis on finances. John also manages our office technology campus-wide. Contact John at jalchier@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • As the Executive Director, Rachel's role is to design, develop, and implement strategic plans for the church across all mediums and campus-wide. She helps guide day-to-day operations, including leadership of teams and staff. In addition to office-based work, Rachel fulfills a motivational and mentoring role to members, volunteers, and staff; as well as continued development of the overall organizational culture. She is a deacon in the Free Methodist Church. Rachel and her husband, Aron, have two children. Contact Rachel at rcarpenter@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Della Casto

    Facility Care Director

    In her position, Della oversees the development, maintenance, and quality care of the facility and grounds. She has an extensive background and experience in this type of work. Additionally, Della serves in the Student Ministries department. Contact Della at dcasto@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • April Graven

    Office Manager | Mogadore Campus

    In her role, April oversees all office operations and helps facilitate the week-to-week functions of church life. Her extensive job-related experience and investment in the Mogadore community make April an invaluable team member. Contact April at agraven@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Matt Harshbarger

    Worship & Production Arts Director

    In his position as Worship and Production Arts Director, Matt serves Cornerstone Church by guiding and directing the worship and production teams to be fully prepared, musically, technically, and spiritually, for weekend services and special events. Matt is graduate of Ohio Christian University, and he and his wife, Megan, have a yellow Labrador Retriever, Dakota. Contact Matt at mattharshbarger@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Megan Harshbarger

    Worship & Creative Arts Director

    Megan is a graduate of Ohio Christian University with a bachelor’s degree in Worship Leadership. In her role as Creative and Worship Arts Director, Megan leads as the main producer and director of all services and special events- researching, planning and executing all creative elements within those areas. She coordinates and schedules all worship team members and music for all campuses, as well as co-leads weekly worship. She shares life with her husband, Matthew. Contact Megan at Contact Megan at meganharshbarger@cornerstonefmc.org

  • Bruce Oberlin

    Outreach Pastor

    Bruce is passionate to reach the lowest and the least, and those who are far from God. In his position as Outreach Pastor, he oversees the efforts and leadership of our City Lights, Clear Blue Global Water Project, Operation Freedom Taskforce, and Global & Local Missions cTeams. Bruce and his wife, Shela, have five children. Contact Bruce at boberlin@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Taylor Poe

    Graphic & Media Design Director

    Taylor is an artist across several mediums, with gifts in organization, varied computer skills, and multi-task management. Her position specializes in graphic design, producing and supervising all in-house and community-wide publications. Contact Taylor at tpoe@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Debbie Ring
    Office Administrator & Communications Director

    Debbie is especially gifted with people, which serves her well in her roles as Office Administrator and Communications Director. She handles office organization and efficiency, as well as encouraging and welcoming people who call and visit the church. She manages church publications, social media, and various aspects of Cornerstone's website. Additionally, she serves in a volunteer capacity as co-leader of Adult Ministries along with her husband, Jim. The Rings have five adult children. Contact Debbie at dring@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Ron Rountree

    Visitation Pastor

    In his position, Ron concentrates on individuals who are shut-in and hospital patients. He has a gift for ministering to those in pain or crisis. Ron is a deacon in the Free Methodist Church, and with his wife, Cheryl, also leads S.A.M., Cornerstone's Senior Adult Ministry. The Rountrees have four adult children. Contact Ron at rrountree@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Shaelyn Schleis

    Facility Care

    As a Facility Care Team Member, Shaelyn helps to ensure a strong positive impression of Cornerstone Church, and the God we serve, through the cleanliness, efficiency, and operations of our Portage Lakes building. Shae also serves as a cStudent leader at our Mogadore Campus and a student mentor within that public school system. Contact Shaelyn at sschleis@cornerstonefmc.org

  • Terri Stump

    Office Manager | Portage Lakes Campus

    After a 25 year career as a Registered Nurse, Terri joined the Cornerstone Church Staff. In her role as Office Manager, she is responsible for all operations of the front office and leading office management Ministry Partners. Terri also serves as a home cGroup leader and on the Women's Ministries leadership team. Terri and her husband, Chuck, have three adult children. Contact Terri at tstump@cornerstonefmc.org

  • Angela Swain

    Children's Ministry Director

    Angela is a graduate of The University of Akron. In her position as Children's Ministries Director, she oversees the weekend experience in all children's age-level programming, infants through 5th grade. She helps cultivate a team approach in the endeavor to raise future leaders and provide excellent care for  families, build a community of volunteers, and offer training and quarterly events for children and families. Additionally, she serves in a volunteer capacity with the Clear Blue Global Water Project local team. Angela and her husband, Richard, have two children. Contact Angela at aswain@cornerstonefmc.org.

  • Carol Tatman

    Administrative Assistant to the Senior Pastor

    Carol coordinates the many requests, communications, and functions of the Senior Pastor. In addition, she is the supervisor of cGroups, Cornerstone's small group program. Carol and her husband, Ken, have five adult children. Contact Carol at ctatman@cornerstonefmc.org.