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Thanks for your interest in serving!

Behind the scenes of everything that happens at Cornerstone, there are hundreds of volunteer Ministry Partners who willingly sacrifice their time and energy to serve the needs of their church and community. The local church is the hope of the world; living and teaching the truth of Jesus Christ. This is why we believe it’s so important for each of us at Cornerstone to use our unique gifts and talents to benefit our church and community.

For the safety of our children and students, we require background checks to be run on all potential Ministry Partners in these departments. We also run background checks on those serving in the areas of mentoring and security.


Interested in making a difference with our cKidz? We would love to have you join our team! cKidz is a great and fun way to serve the church and our kids whether you are a single, young person or married with children and grandchildren! 

Production Arts

Today people connect through digital means more than any other medium. This provides huge opportunity for us to use digital technology to glorify God. Through our craft as Production Arts technicians we get to share the gospel with the people in the sanctuary and beyond through the use of sounds, lights, slides, video and much more. If you have any interest in learning how to work with and use some fun toys, join our team!


Our Connections cTeam exists to do everything we can to try and help both newcomers and regulars have a wonderful experience at Cornerstone and help them get incorporated into the regular life of our church. If you’d like to partner with us hosting our Welcome Center, serving in our cafe, greeting those who walk through our doors - well, you’d be a great addition to our cTeam!

Life Needs

Our lives are full of big moments. Some good, some not so good. Our goal is to partner with our church family to help them through these times. Whether it is something happy, like getting married; or difficult, like a funeral, we want then to know that they are not alone. Join our life needs team to make a difference today. 


Our church follows a rotating band model for our worship music. If you are gifted musically and would like to join one of our existing bands or work toward adding a new band to our current repertoire we would love to have you!

Security & Medical

The Cornerstone security and medical team exists to create a safe and secure environment that provides members and visitors - especially those with children. Being able to have the time and space to worship in peace and receive the Gospel is special and important. We do this by protecting children, the wider congregation, and the church facilities and property. 


Cornerstone is located in a city just like every other city in the United States where there are hurting, poor, and helpless people. People who are in desperate need of aid and assistance.

Our influence reaches beyond our community and out into the world. Global causes have been initiated right here in Akron and are reaching people as far away as Malawi, Fiji, and Romania. God doesn't just call on his people to care for those hurting in their backyard. We are a church that actively cares for those close and far away. 

Building Care

The Building Care team exists to serve with a heart of worship in light of the gospel that reflects the excellent beauties of our Creator God. Our primary goal is to use our hands to serve a God and serve others who are ministered to in our building. Activities include building projects, improvements and cleaning. We’d love to have you come put your hands to work with us!