Like A Rock

Character is like a rock.

If it's good character, it is the foundation upon which an incredible life is built.If it is bad, it is like a boulder, an obstacle, that trips up and sinks a meaningful life.Every person's character is developing or deteriorating. Only through intentionally pursuing good character can a person move towards the life they were meant to live.

  • Character: The Heart Of It All | September 25

    Why is character such a big deal? Does it really predict the outcome of life? Is it nature or nurture? Was it given to you or do you develop it?

    For those who claim to be Christ-followers, developing character is the heart of it all. It is impossible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Character must be intentionally and continually developed.

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  • Development: A Tale Of Two Teenagers | October 2

    Development is choosing intentional, deliberate growth and advancement for my life. Living my life without a plan is like watching television while someone else has the remote control. I need to purposely discover the biggest gap in my life between who I am and who I need to be, and then work to narrow it.

    My development determines who I am, who I attract, and my success and fulfillment in life. Who keeps me from development?

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  • Motivation | October 9

    It’s easy to set goals, but often they wither faster than a freshly picked dandelion under the hot sun. So, how do I stay motivated? Motivation is the inner power pushing one toward taking action, driven by desire, passion, and ambition. My motivation is MY responsibility. What can I do to kick it into godly gear?

  • Wisdom | October 16

    For life to work well, being good is not enough. You also have to be wise. Wisdom is more than knowledge. Wisdom is accurately applying knowledge and clear judgment to life situations. All of life—relationships, health, finances, career—prospers when I grow in wisdom. How can I empower myself by growing wise?

    Wisdom builds my house on a rock. Lack of wisdom builds my house on sand. (Matthew 6) Wisdom listens to the right people, it is humble, and it asks the right questions. What is the wise thing to do?

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  • Restraint | October 23

    The wisest man who ever lived said that a person without self-control or restraint is completely vulnerable. People who learn restraint create a healthy balance in life, and prevent regrets. My life and legacy will grow exponentially better as I develop my character in this way.

  • Kindness | October 30

    Our culture has deteriorated to a place where lack of kindness is a way of life. But, demonstrating gentleness and warmth toward others has a boomerang effect—it not only helps others, it makes the kind person happier too. We are wired by God for kindness and everything gets better when we fertilize this quality.

    Kindness is a two-sided coin. It is impossible to truly be kind without respect. Respect is valuing people and showing that value. Kindness and respect are not suggestions from Jesus, they are commands.  The foundation for kindness and respect: everyone you will ever meet is an image-beset of God.

    What does kindness and respect look like?

    • Believing the best
    • Differing without demonizing
    • Listening
    • Guarding words and volume (Ephesians 4:29)
    • Courtesy
    • Quick Apologies
    • Forming opinions slowly
    • Keeping Promises
    • Treating others as we wish to be treated

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  • Attitude | November 6

    The capacity to choose how we feel is one of the things that makes us truly human. We don’t have to act on instinct. We can chose to be upbeat and optimistic, regardless of the circumstances, and completely changes the trajectory of a day and a life.

    Your attitude reveals the real you, the success or failure of every relationship in your life, and it is always your choice. When I believe God always has a purpose, I can re-script my circumstances. Complaining and arguing are not compatible with a positive, Christ-like life. I am responsible for and capable of regulating my thoughts.

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  • Loyalty | November 13

    Perhaps nothing is more rare in our day and age than loyalty, consistently demonstrating our support and keeping our commitments to someone and something. Baptisms, which we celebrate today, are intended to be a powerful demonstration to lifetime loyalty.

    Loyalty is showing complete and constant support for someone or something,. It's what you do, not what you say. It is a willing decision. It is demanding and sacrificial. Loyalty does not tap out.

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  • Integrity | November 20

    Integrity means ONE—the entire message of your life is one, consistent message. You are the same publicly as privately. It ties all the other characteristics together.

    Integrity is unwavering commitment to what is right. It begins, and is observed in our personal life. It is fortified in our professional life. And it is eventually revealed in our public life.

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