January 8, 2017 - January 9, 2017

A really big God has really big plans for you! One of those plans is for you to play a part in the biggest, most significant mission ever. This month discover how this year can be BIG for you in every possible way. Leverage who you are and what you have to be BIGGER than you thought possible.

  • One Word | January 1 

    This New Year's Sunday, Pastor Brenda encouraged us to replace our customary resolutions with just one word that represents what you believe you most need to work with God to accomplish in you throughout 2017. This practice forces clarity and helps us truly focus our efforts, allowing God to transform our character and make us more like Jesus. So, what's your one word? For more information and instruction, check out Pastor Brenda's Blog.

  • Big Mission | January 8, 2017  

    What is God leading us as a church family to be and do? The bible tells us that Jesus came to serve, not to be served. Serving is a sacrifice, just showing up isn't enough. How will you commit to Jesus to serve and to give?

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  • Big Goals | January 15

    What are my personal goals? What makes a good goal?

    Consider: Get a vision for the rest of your life. Apply your word to all of life.

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  • Big People | January 22

    How can I leverage who I am and who I know for  a BIG win?

    How do you know if someone is a negative influence?

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  • Big Payoff | January 29

    What can I expect if I'm all-in?

    Presence, purpose and direction, satisfying relationships, significance, legacy, and a big welcome home party!

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