Lion Chaser

Some run away at the sight of a challenge.
Others pursue the opportunity and run to the roar.
These are the Lion Chasers.
You are more than you think you are.
You are made for more than you think you are.
YOU can be a Lion Chaser.
  • A Pride Of Lion Chasers | February 5 

    Greatness is not a solitary sport. Heroes run together. We always remember David as the Lion Chaser, the giant killer. But he was not alone. The dream starts before me. The dream is the definer.

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  • Seizing The Moment ...And More | February 12

    There are “do or die” moments in lion chasing. And then there are moments you just hold on. Live your life on purpose. Stop making excuses. Don't be a victim. Compare yourself to yourself. Take action now!

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  • Run To The Roar | February 19

    The devil prowls about like a roaring lion. A lion's roar is meant to intimidate and dominate. It can only be silenced by the roar of a more powerful Lion. You have to confront your fear or abandon your destiny. The courage is not feeling no fear - it's being afraid and running to the roar anyway.

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  • In A Den Of Lions | February 26

    What do lion chasers do when they are the hunted? God doesn't always lead us to a stunning victory. But he always calls us to be heroic.  Lion chasers thrive in an atmosphere of hostility, they are known by their character, they do not try to escape the consequences of their decisions, they don't try to make deals with God. Lion chasers are never alone with the lions in the den.

    God doesn't always lead us to a stunning victory, but he always calls us to be heroic.

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