The Not So Silent Killer

Anger is a familiar emotion.

It motivates




Anger can lead to the death of relationships we cherish, the death of intimacy with God, even the death of our own spirits.

But…anger is an emotion God created.

So, what can we do about it?

  • As Old As Time | April 23

    Anger has been around since the creation of man - and it’s been an issue for almost as long.

    The very first family experienced devastating, out of control anger.

    And families today still struggle with it.

    Is there an answer?

  • Anger's Price Tag | April 30

    Anger has a price tag.

    When I understand how much it costs me, I will be more likely to control my anger and make sure the price is worth it.

  • Anger Management 101 | May 7

    If anger is here to stay, if God created it and knows it can be good, how do I manage it well?

  • Angry at the Almighty | May 14


    at the heart of it…

    the truth is…

    I'm really angry at God.

    How in the world do I handle that?