Pressure Points

Pressure is nothing new.

In the first century a Christ-follower named James wrote to Jewish Christians who faced intense pressure - even persecution. James urged these first believers to let the pressure push them deeper into their faith. Today James teaches us how God's truth can empower us using our Pressure Points.

  • The Pressure Of Pain | March 5

    James had up close and personal experience with pressure. The first pressure he tells us about is pain. It gives me the chance to grow. I need wisdom and confident stability. The pressure of pain allows me to get my values straight, handling it well it prepares me for great reward. I can maximize my pain by my own actions.

  • The Pressure of Expectations | March 12

    Expectations can be good and helpful. Our highest expectations should be for ourselves. When our personal desires turn into expectations from others, we run into relational trouble. James specifically addresses our expectations about relationships with people and God. Both begin with a  question: "How can you expect to have a relationship with God when you mistreat people?" If you favor some people over others, you are committing a sin. "How can you expect to have a relationship with God when your 'faith' is not backed by action?" Faith by itself is not enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. 

  • The Pressure Of  Self-Control | March 19

    You either rule over your desires or your desires rule over you

  • The Pressure Of  Motives | March 26

    Motive: a reason for doing something, particularly one that is hidden or not obvious.

    Fighting comes from the motives within. James 4:1-3

    Wrong motives make me an enemy of God. James 4:4

    Wrong motives make me critical of others and over confident in my own plans. James 4:13-16

    Knowledge - Action = SIN

    The answer for our motives and actions: James 4:6-10

  • The Pressure Of Patience | April 2

    Patience & Suffering - James 5:1-12

    • This world is not all there is.
    • God will make it right.
    • Work for straightforward, truthful communication.

    Patience & Prayer - James 5:13-18

    • Praise and effective prayer are intertwined.
    • Prayer is essential for healing and forgiveness.
    • Ordinary people can have great power in prayer.

    Patience & the Wanderer - James 5:19